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Always know where your money is—when it’s coming, where it’s going, and what impact it’ll have on your future.

Tax Planning

Don’t spend a penny more than you owe on taxes. Take full advantage of all tax deductions, credits, and loopholes.

CFO Services

Increase profits, grow your business, and protect what you’ve built with proactive financial strategies you can easily act on.

What Do All Thriving
Small Businesses Have in Common?

Balanced books. A clear financial roadmap. And profit-increasing strategies.

Without ‘em, you’re likely:
  • Scrambling when tax season comes, paying too much, and getting too little back

  • Working around the clock, sacrificing time with folks you love, and still struggling to pay yourself a decent salary

  • Stuck at your current level of business unable to hire a team, expand your services, or make critical investments

  • Wasting time on tedious accounting tasks that could be fully automated and guaranteed error-free

  • Worrying if your business will ever become profitable—or if you’ll have to close up shop

  • Dreading the back-end drudgery of running a business and confused about how the numbers can help you make better decisions

Your Small Business

—founder, CPA, EA and Certified Tax Coach, and champion for small businesses.

We are a Maryland-based financial advisory firm making tracking finances, reducing taxes, and forecasting the future easy for small business owners.

For almost a decade, we’ve helped solopreneurs, founders, and CEOs just like you:

  • Feel in control of finances and confident in business decisions because they finally understand the numbers behind their business

  • Automate mind-numbing accounting tasks to multiply free time and avoid costly mistakes

  • Bring home more money from a thriving business thanks to proactive strategies for reducing taxes, protecting margins, and increasing profits

How Do We Get Started?

  • 1
    Schedule a Free Discovery Call

    Learn if it’s the right time to hire help and which package is right for your stage of business.

  • 2
    Get Your Finances in Order

    Understand where you are today, what numbers matter, and how to reach your financial destination with help from a pro.

  • 3
    Level Up Your Skill Set

    Stop guessing and make informed decisions based on numbers you understand. You’ll get year-round tools, knowledge, and support so you can finally reach your financial goals—from building a budget to assessing long-term performance.

  • 4
    Grow Your Business

    Send less money to the government and keep more in your pocket File taxes with confidence thanks to a long-term tax strategy that maximizes returns year after year. It’s time to pay yourself a decent salary, increase profits, and scale your business.

What Will All-In-One Mean to You?

We offer monthly, subscription-based packages tailored to small businesses at all stages. Professional tax prep and planning included.

Master Your Metrics

For small businesses making less than $250k in annual revenue

Learn how to monitor and diagnose business performance. Automate your accounting. And keep the numbers that matter most at the tips of your fingers.

Perfect Your Performance

For growing businesses generating at least $250k in revenue

Start planning and forecasting with help from a pro. You’ll track actual performance against expectations. So you can make smarter decisions based on data and reach your goals.

Forecast The Future

For established businesses generating at least $500k in revenue

Overcome stagnation and make strategic long-term decisions thanks to 1:1 financial coaching, monthly performance reviews, and tax planning.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Experts

Get a Certified Public Account and Enrolled Agent on your side. We’ve advised small businesses and represented taxpayers before the IRS for nearly a decade.

No Big-Firm Red Tape

We’ve got enough numbers here—and you won’t be one of them. Expect accessibility, relatability, and an experienced sounding board for all of your questions or concerns.

Ongoing Education

We teach you what the numbers mean and how to use them. So you can feel confident making data-backed decisions that truly move the needle.

Proactive—Not Reactive—Strategies

Implement a simple, reliable approach to building a business budget, tracking expenses, and minimizing taxes. So you can ditch the April-15 scramble and stop fearing your future.

Guaranteed Positive ROI

We only take on clients whose tax reduction or net profit covers our advising fees. So you can trust this is one investment that’s sure to pay off.

Certified and Associated With the Best

How Much Money Could You Have Saved on Last Year’s Taxes?

We offer a complimentary tax review for new clients. Send us last year’s tax return, and we show you how much money you could have saved.

Our Testimonials

“I don’t like doing taxes. It stresses me out. Joel makes it easy. He’s great at his job and he’s so organized. He understands how my organization works, and he’s very prompt in getting back to me.”


I am really glad that I chose to rely on Joel’s expertise. He worked very hard to find every deduction possible and reviewed my documents multiple times. Moreover, he even helped me resolve an issue that I had with a previous tax year. What I enjoyed the most about the process is that whenever I had a question Joel always explained the answer in detail which made me feel very comfortable.


Joel Lee is a really nice guy to communicate with. Also, he was quick on responding to questions or concerns I had. The process was fast but at the same time they were looking out for me in the best way during this process. I would recommend TaxCanny because they are very professional at what they do and they go beyond to help you as a client.


Joel & Team provide accurate, knowledgeable, speedy service. What a relief it is to have them around keeping me up to speed reactively and proactively with so many taxation matters that either I would not remember or would take me an eternity to figure out. Highly recommended.