All-in-one financial management for service-based startups and small businesses generating at least $250k in revenue.

Struggling to Manage Cash Flow?

We’ll help you:

Always Know Where Your Money Is

Monitor & track the metrics that matter

Prevent lost invoices and missed payments. Save time wasted on dreary accounting tasks. And avoid costly mistakes.

We’ll connect you to Our cloud accounting software and deliver full-scale monthly or quarterly management reports. So you’ll always know:

  • Who still owes you money

  • What needs to be paid

  • How many sales you’ve landed

  •  Whether you’re on track to turn a profit

  •  How your current performance stacks up against previous periods

Trust That Your Books are Balanced

Catch potential problems before they occur

Get expert eyes on your books to eliminate errors or omissions that can throw off your data (and affect your decision-making). We’ll keep you updated on the overall financial health of your business and alert you to any potential issues so you can fix them before they become a real problem.

Feel Prepared For The Future

Set clear goals & implement a plan to achieve them

Together, we’ll identify what you want to accomplish in the next year and the steps to achieve it. You’ll get a full financial forecast breaking down your projected future revenues and expenses—so you can avoid unnecessary risks, track how actual performance stacks up against the plan, and keep money in the bank.

Prevent Or Overcome Stagnation

Regularly review and revise your strategy

You’ll meet with a financial success manager each quarter to measure your progress toward your goals, review your strategy, and revise the plan.

We’ll break down the key numbers, explain what they mean, and provide a plan for minimizing risk and maximizing growth in the next quarter.

Follow A Clear Path Forward

Streamline & document your strategy, tactics, and projections

We’ll produce and deliver a Lean Business Plan—a straightforward document outlining your business strategy, tactics, and essential metrics.

This document will be your North Star, guiding your company toward its growth goals. It makes tracking and managing your progress easy—so you can make smarter management decisions that move you forward.

Grow Your Financial Confidence

Leverage expert advice and guidance

Get answers to your questions or concerns with 6 email consultations and 6 phone consultations per year. Surprises happen. And when they do, you’ll have a trusted advisor who knows your business and can help you get back on track.

Bring Home More Money

Pay only what you owe on taxes

Take full advantage of all tax deductions, credits, and loopholes to minimize your tax bill. We’ll professionally prepare your:

  • Business entity returns (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation)

  • Personal tax returns at the federal, state, and local level

What’s Included

How It Works

Book Free Consultation

Learn if it’s the right time to hire professional help and which package is right for you.

Get a Financial Roadmap

We’ll deliver a strategic action plan + full financial forecasts so you know what to expect from the coming year.

Stay on Course

You’ll get regular financial management summaries and meet with us 1:1 to track progress and course-correct as necessary.

Grow Your Business

Implement our proven long-term strategies to minimize taxes, maximize returns, and scale your business.

Which Package Is Right For You?

  Forecast the Future Perfect Your Performance Master Your Metrics
Initial assessment and set up
Goal analysis
Financial Dashboard
Benchmark metrics for your business
Business summary web page
Summary management reporting
1-year sales forecast
Financial systems health check
The Lean Plan
Measuring the things that really matter
1-year full financial forecast
Full periodic management reporting
Business review meeting
Access to cloud-based reporting platform
Dedicated account manager
3-year financial plan
Rolling cash flow and profit forecasts
Financial scenarios based on need
Prioritized strategic action plan
Accountability program-your business coach
Unlimited email and telephone support
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“I don’t like doing taxes. It stresses me out. Joel makes it easy. He’s great at his job and he’s so organized. He understands how my organization works, and he’s very prompt in getting back to me.”


I am really glad that I chose to rely on Joel’s expertise. He worked very hard to find every deduction possible and reviewed my documents multiple times. Moreover, he even helped me resolve an issue that I had with a previous tax year. What I enjoyed the most about the process is that whenever I had a question Joel always explained the answer in detail which made me feel very comfortable.


Joel Lee is a really nice guy to communicate with. Also, he was quick on responding to questions or concerns I had. The process was fast but at the same time they were looking out for me in the best way during this process. I would recommend TaxCanny because they are very professional at what they do and they go beyond to help you as a client.


Joel & Team provide accurate, knowledgeable, speedy service. What a relief it is to have them around keeping me up to speed reactively and proactively with so many taxation matters that either I would not remember or would take me an eternity to figure out. Highly recommended.


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