Most small business leaders need help to make sense of their finances and scramble when tax season comes. We make tracking finances, reducing taxes, and forecasting the future easily. So, they can make decisions based on numbers they understand—and bring home more money from a thriving business.

What We Do:

Initial Strategy Session

We provide a “State of the Union Address” on your business. We review past results, analyze your current tax situation, and present you with a plan to minimize your taxes.

Guidance & Consultation

Accounting, taxes, and business decisions! As your CFO, we serve as a valuable resource as you move your business forward, helping you through all the complex business decisions.

Tax Planning & Tax Preparation

We provide advice throughout the year, eliminating surprises and taking a proactive approach to tax planning. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities and avoid costly mistakes. Your business tax return is included.

Accounting & Record Keeping

We will provide a full range of record-keeping support for your business. Current and accurate monthly financial statements will allow us to provide you with the most up-to-date picture of your business, resulting in timely advice and guidance. Accurate financial information provides the foundation for business analysis and year-round tax planning.

Financial Planning

We identify areas and help you plan for retirement, wealth accumulation, children’s education, or specific purpose funding. We recommend the implementation of plans to help you meet your financial goals.

How We Are Different:

During the first 90 days after the contract is signed:

Traditional Firm

Give you a copy of QuickBooks, and get your records back at the end of next year.

Our Firm

After a complete review of your entity structure, prior year income tax returns, and payroll filings, you are given a complete analysis of your business and financial position.

Communication Method:

Traditional Firm

Call them if and only if you have questions.

Our Firm

Proactive Mandatory meetings with its clients.

Primary Focus of Firm:

Traditional Firm

A firm that serves many different revenue sources (unspecialized)

Our Firm

A firm that serves the needs of Small Business Owners. (Specialized)

How often your records are reviewed and analyzed:

Traditional Firm

Once a year, in January or February, or even later.

Our Firm

Each month, keeping accounts up to date and recorded correctly.

When taxes are discussed:

Traditional Firm

Tax Season

Our Firm

Periodic Tax Planning

How your accounting records are handled:

Traditional Firm

Doing 12 months of work at one time.

Our Firm

Doing work each month for the previous month, leaving only December to complete before finishing the tax return.

When questions are asked:

Traditional Firm

Questions from 15-18 months ago

Our Firm

Questions from the prior month

When you learn about tax consequences/results:

Traditional Firm

As a surprise on 4/15 or even 10/15! Everyone likes surprises.

Our Firm

September or October of the previous year before payment is due.

How all your financial services are handled:

Traditional Firm

Going all over the place for your bookkeeping, financial planning, and payroll. We only do taxes.

Our Firm

One-stop service for all your bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and financial planning needs.

How you are billed:

Traditional Firm

Billed once a year after the completion of the tax return; remember, everyone likes surprises =(.

Our Firm

Fixed Monthly pricing. All-inclusive and quoted upfront =).

Our Service Packages:

How our service will benefit small business owners:

We’re a licensed CPA firm advising, educating, and empowering small business leaders across America on all things finance— from accounting and tax prep to long-term tax planning and growth strategies.

Our Testimonials

“I don’t like doing taxes. It stresses me out. Joel makes it easy. He’s great at his job and he’s so organized. He understands how my organization works, and he’s very prompt in getting back to me.”

Morgan McEwen

CEO, MorDance Inc

“I am really glad that I chose to rely on Joel’s expertise. He worked very hard to find every deduction possible and reviewed my documents multiple times. Moreover, he even helped me resolve an issue that I had with a previous tax year. What I enjoyed the most about the process is that whenever I had a question Joel always explained the answer in detail which made me feel very comfortable.”

Dorothy Williams

Homeward NYC

“Joel & Team provide accurate, knowledgeable, speedy service. What a relief it is to have them around keeping me up to speed reactively and proactively with so many taxation matters that either I would not remember or would take me an eternity to figure out. Highly recommended.”

Ricardo Brunstein